Sunday, December 27, 2015


There are no rules - only reading! Share your reading joy, learning, and progress. 

The goal? Read 16 books in 2016.

The choice of books is your own. It's your reading journey.

Daniel Pink says three things motivate: purpose, mastery, and autonomy. 
Purpose of #Read16in16? To promote a reading culture - to be part of something bigger than ourselves - to inspire ourselves and each other to read.  
Mastery? We see our own progress - beginning, savoring, and finishing books.
Autonomy? We each make your own "reading playlist." Together we encourage each other by sharing our reading journey to #Read16in16.

With the goal to finish more of the many books I want to read and to grow a culture of continuous learning, #Read14in14 was started in January of 2014. #Read14in14 was shared publicly in my school district and on Twitter to hold myself accountable and to inspire us to read and talk about our reading. The self-accountability and shared commitment with others in my school district and on Twitter worked. I read more than 14 books. My husband read more than 14 books and so did many others. Even more good things happened with #Read15in15.

The creative social aspect of #Read14in14 and #Read15in15 took on its own life as I am sure it will with #Read16in16. Teachers posted about each book read on their classroom door, in hallways, on bulletin boards. Libraries encouraged students to read at least 14 books in the year. Madison Elementary students, where my husband, @TklineTom is principal, encouraged by Tom and their "FunBrarian," @BeckyDenzer, read over 14,000 books in five months. District employees shared their reading journey by listing books completed and books currently being read in their email signature. Educators wrote blogs tracking and reflecting on their "reading year" and shared how journaling about their reading positively impacted them.

These very public efforts encourage a learning culture and begin conversations about our learning and reading joy.

Join us! Start a "reading revival, revolution, renaissance" in yourself and with your students and colleagues in 2016! Make it your own. Share your reading excitement and inspire others by using the hashtag, #Read16in16 as you begin, gain insight, and finish books. Interact with and encourage each other on the journey.

Best wishes for a great year of learning and growing together! 

Looking for a book to add to your #Read16in16 playlist? 
Drive by @DanielPink is a great place to motivate yourself forward.



  1. Love it! Already have ideas for my classroom! Thank you for your inspiration!!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Angela! I know you will make it come alive in ways I could not imagine with your students.